beautifully simple broadband

WiFi that works for you

WiFi that works for you

how is purefibre different?

By only providing our services over a true fibre optic infrastructure that connects directly to your home, we are able to deliver exceptional speeds and an outstanding level of service.

We only operate on our own pure fibre infrastructure, or those of trusted partners, which means that we can control the speeds that we deliver and guarantee a highly reliable service.

Fibre enables us to offer ultrafast, symmetrical services that ensure a truly superior internet experience.

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why only one plan?

We believe that an internet service should be simple and straightforward. At the end of the day, you just want it to work and deliver the experience that you expect. Speed is only an issue if you don’t have enough and with more and more sophisticated devices entering the home, it’s always difficult to know how fast your internet service needs to be. This is why we offer a truly unique internet experience with a single price plan delivering truly blistering speeds.

The plan

what is included

Plume SuperPods provide extensive wireless coverage throughout your home to enable you to enjoy distributed, adaptive WiFi over a wide area. The SuperPods can be deployed wherever you need connectivity and should you need additional coverage across large homes or those with challenging layouts, additional Pods are available for purchase that will fit in seamlessly with your existing set up to banish WiFi dead-spots.

All services feature PureSecure, a suite of applications powered by the Plume Homepass™ service that puts you in direct control of your network and online experience from an award-winning mobile app. PureSecure provides you with the tools to control access to your network, ensure the integrity of your smart home devices and even monitor suspicious activity around the home while enjoying the benefits of the unique adaptive WiFi experience delivered by Plume’s advanced Artificial Intelligence.

Watch the video to appreciate the beautiful simplicity of the Plume approach and understand the benefits of the adaptive WiFi experience.

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• Stream up to 1Gbps with:
• 500Mbps average download speed
• 500Mbps average upload speed
• Unlimited downloads

• A single, no-nonsense package delivering speeds up to 1 Gbps* with no download restrictions

• Ultra-fast broadband on a simple 1-month rolling contract

• UK-based customer service with 24/7 technical support

• Distributed, adaptive WiFi continuously optimising your internet experience

• Referral scheme offering monthly discounts for verified recommendations to friends and neighbours

    *  when tested with a device capable of connecting at the specified speeds which is connected directly to the router with an Ethernet cable

Quote "Pure Gig" for free activation (normally £50)


your puresecure features...


Roam freely from room to room without any drop in signal or performance

PureSecure features Adapt which delivers ultra-fast, perfectly consistent connectivity throughout your home. Unlike traditional static mesh systems, Adapt continuously learns and performs self-optimization to deliver assured performance across the coverage area. Simply add additional pods to address WiFi dead-spots. Adapt automatically detects the brand and model of your connected devices, ensuring that they are allocated sufficient network resource to perform to their full potential.

Enjoy the freedom of reliable, adaptive WiFi with PureSecure.


Control access to your network from the comfort of your phone

You may want to allow friends and visitors to access the internet while enjoying your hospitality but once they have left, you can be assured that your network is safe. The Control feature allows you to create guest passwords and set expiration times for additional security, all from the HomePass mobile app. You can also decide which of your devices they can access and after they have left, your network resorts to its original secure state.

Control and manage access to your network with the HomePass mobile app.


State of the Art protection for your devices and personal information powered by Artificial Intelligence

PureSecure features Guard which constantly monitors potential threats to ensure digital and data security for every device on your network. Guard filters out suspicious activity and will automatically quarantine devices that are behaving strangely. It also allows you to implement built-in ad-blocking for a smoother surfing experience.

PureSecure provides constant vigilance to ensure that all your devices and personal information are secure.


Enjoy peace of mind provided by intelligent motion detection

PureSecure includes Sense, an unobtrusive way to gain whole-home awareness. The HomePass app detects motion in the vicinity of each connected device or room in your home. You are able to set up alerts to notify you of any movement around the house while you are out. Filters can be set up to ensure that pets do not create false alarms and the system is automatically disabled when the primary device of registered users returns home.

Protect your home and loved ones with PureSecure motion detection.

"I've been with Purefibre for 3 years now and it was a no-brainer to have them again in my new property. Get the speeds promised and never had a loss or drop in service. Fantastic, very happy."

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beautifully simple broadband

beautifully simple broadband