Millions of households are facing higher broadband bills, courtesy of annual price rises introduced by several of the UK’s major providers. It has just been announced that Virgin Media broadband customers can expect to receive a notification informing them of the new price rise. It has been said that from March 2022 customers can expect to see an increase of around £4.70 a month for their broadband package, totalling £56.40 a year.

What can I do about my broadband price rise?

Broadband providers can change the terms of a contract so long as they give you a months’ notice. If your provider increases your monthly price beyond what you agreed when you signed up, they should:

  • give you at least one months’ notice of the price rise


  • allow you to exit your contract without penalty if you choose to.

Some providers have contracts that set out that the monthly prices you pay will increase at certain times during the contract, for example increasing by inflation each year. This is something that should have been made clear to you when you signed the contract. You should make sure to check your contract terms if you’re not sure.

Do some broadband providers fix their prices?

Promises to fix customer broadband bills the entire lifetime of a contract is frequently becoming more and more uncommon, but there are some providers that do still offer them. We are one of them! Sign up for Purefibre’s 1 Gbps service and fix your monthly price forever. T&C apply *you must remain a Purefibre customer and maintain regular monthly payments to qualify for a contract freeze.